Market Monday 4/18/11

I am looking forward to all of the great items that participants will be showing off this week! Come on in and link your great item in. Just click on the linking tool below and paste the url to your item in the linking block and follow the remaining prompts.

I hope you will help spread the word! Just click on the social networking boxes below the last participant's entry to automatically tweet, facebook or blog about the event. It only takes seconds and can help gain more exposure to our items!


  1. thank you for the invite.

  2. So many great Spring Items for Sale! Please feel free to remove my duplicate post, I didn't realize the first one had posted. So Sorry.

  3. Hi Southern Lady ... Virginia is behind you but our dogwoods are bloomin' now. Redbud, tulips ... lotsa tree pollen happening too. Achoo!

    Thanks for the market! I've added two goodies.


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